Give substance to your CSR ambitions

bluequest is a network of experts convinced that optimal leverage of social and environmental issues is a key performance factor for organizations.

bluequest supports organizations wishing to boost their CSR approach in the definition of dedicated or integrated strategic plans, as well as in their operational implementation.

The members of the bluequest network all have solid business expertise, coupled with acknowledged know-how in the definition and implementation of CSR programs.

Our intervention areas

bluequest operates throughout the value chain, from the outlining of sourcing and procurement policies to the promotion of responsible products and brands.

Social and environmental standards in the supply chain

Responsible materials and processes

CSR strategy and brand positioning

Sustainable supplier relationships

Responsible marketing

CSR Communication

Our approach

Supporting each major step of your projects

Supporting each major step of your projects

Our experts work with your teams throughout the life cycle of your projects: diagnosis and auditing of practices, securing of the decision-making process, support for the transformation plan, evaluation and management of performance.

Pragmatism supporting operational performance

Pragmatism supporting operational performance

As part of their transformation projects, our experts assist organizations in piloting and implementing Proof of Concept (POC) to test new methods and ensure their reliable industrialization.

Guaranteeing the long-term adherence and autonomy of your teams

Guaranteeing the long-term adherence and autonomy of your teams

bluequest makes available a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants to guarantee the success of your CSR projects while ensuring the long-term growth and autonomy of your teams.

Examples of projects

Our experts: a few profiles

  • Fanny Garcia
    Fanny Garcia #csr #supplychain #textile #construction #tourism
  • Anne-Lise Legrand
    Anne-Lise Legrand #csr #dutyofvigilance #socialaudit
  • Regis Cazanave
    Regis Cazanave #responsibledigitalpolicy#artificialintelligence #energy #telecom
  • Aurelia Euverte
    Aurelia Euverte #fashion #marketing #responsiblepurchasing
  • Daniel Fues
    Daniel Fues #substances #productsafety #textile
  • Philippe Venard
    Philippe Venard #responsiblepurchasing #operationalexcellence #industry
  • Norma Snell
    Norma Snell #socialcompliance #training #retail
  • Jean-Yves Le Moine
    Jean-Yves Le Moine #responsibledigitalpolicy #innovation #media
  • Alexandre Mabille
    Alexandre Mabille #environment #managementsystem #extractiveindustries

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